Karate Academy Of San Antonio: A Parents Legacy



Have you ever heard of “begin with the end in mind”?  This is the idea that you must first build a blueprint of a structure before you actually build it.  This same idea applies to bringing up kids in today’s society.  You want to have blueprint of what kind of child your trying to raise.   At many funerals, a close friend or family member gives a verbal testimony of honor and remembrance.  Think about what you would want your family to say about you.  Would your daughter talk about your attentive listening ear?  Would your son describe many simple yet meaningful times of just hanging out together?  What kind of experiences are so ingrained in your daughter or son that they will naturally flow out during her time of grieving?

“With freedom comes responsibility.  Give your child opportunities to make some mistakes.  But also hold them accountable for the decisions they make.”

“The dynamics that are required to make any relationship work:  Just keep putting your love out there.”

The answers lie inside you. The secret of a happy life isn’t buried in a treasure chest… it lies within your heart.

We are Karate Academy know that parenting isn’t easy but it is definitely worth it!

Dedicated To Your Childs Excellence,



Master Guevara

How Karate Academy Teaches Self-Discipline

Discipline and Self-Discipline

One of the things we try to teach our students at Karate Academy is the difference between being disciplined and practicing self-discipline.  This is a huge shift in how kids think and react. We try to teach kids that self-discipline means doing what you’re suppose to do without being told.  This is more effective than having to be disciplined by parents for not doing something.  One is done internally by kids and the other is done with external pressure.  Studies show when kids make decisions internally or “buy into it” they are much more compliant than when external circumstances are present.


Dedicated To Your Success,


Mr. Guevara