The Karate Academy and Commtiment


Karate Academy and our CORE Values

Commitment- To Never Quit

Ownership- This is my Academy

Relationships- To Serve

Encouragement- Enthusiastically Encourage Everyone


This tagline and value is part of the DNA of Karate Academy for our team members and students.  This value of commitment is one of the most important for success in achieving high levels of success.   Let’s be honest, making a 3 to 4 year commitment to achieve a black belt is hard.  I always tell my students that there will be time when they feel like quitting and want to give up on their journey but it’s important to push through.  However, when things get tough for kids nowadays parents tend to want to let kids give up easily.  The sad thing is that once a child makes a commitment to martial art (Karate Academy) it’s important for them to learn to finish what they start.  The easy way out is to let kids give up and quit.  Nobody said that building character, perseverance, and commitment is easy.  In fact they must experience these hardships in order to develop these skills.  So what am I trying to say?  When your child wants to quit make them finish their commitment.  I know this can be tough, they will cry, whine, or make excuses like I did.  However, I wouldn’t be here if my mother let me quit.  Once they finish their commitment they can try different things or something other sport or activity.  Trust me, building commitment is worth it!


Dedicated To Your Excellence


Mr. Guevara