Mothers are very selective about the kind of activities in which their children should participate. That's why more and more are enrolling their children in the Karate Academy.

See for yourself what parents of Karate Academy kids are saying.

"Nicholas [Karate Academy member for 1 year] has been demonstrating first time listener behavior when it is time to bathe, brush his teeth, get dressed/undressed, go to bed, and even turn off games/television he is interested in. He has done all of these things without mentioning getting a stripe for behavior."
– Nathan Truelove, US Air Force for 15 years (San Antonio, Texas)                                    

"Mark [Karate Academy member for 6 months] is a student in my 4th grade classroom. Consistently, he exhibits above average pride and effort in his work. He repeatedly performs above average. In my 18 years of teaching students like Mark are rare. His attitude, character, and effort are top-notch."
– Valerie Mulcahy, Stafford Elementary (San Antonio, Texas), Teacher for 18 years

"James [Karate Academy member for 6 months] has been an excellent student this school year, completing work in a timely manner and cooperating with other students. If all students were more like James, there would be many more teachers. He has earned his white stripe from Karate Academy."
– K. Jeffcoat, Teacher at Murnin Elementary (San Antonio, Texas)

"We would like to point out how much improvement Jordan [Karate Academy member for 2 years] has shown lately. His behavior has improved as we no longer get extra notes from the teacher in his folder. At home he is helping his sister, completing chores, and following directions."
– Lauren Ashby, Military Training Instructor for 5 years

"Mireya [Karate Academy member for 6 months] has shown a huge improvement in using her manners. Mireya has shown us shown independence over the last month, and is even willing to give herself a bath and brush her own teeth. We owe many thanks to the instructors at the Karate Academy"
– Jennifer Stokes, Full-time Mom (San Antonio, Texas)

"Since starting here at Karate Academy, Zarek [Karate Academy member for 6 months] has gained a huge amount of courage and confidence. He takes the respect he's learning in class with him into his home and school. People have begun to notice his respect for others with his eye contact and newly found confidence. Thank you."
– Linda Perales and Rick Perales, Parents (San Antonio, Texas)

"Elijah [Karate Academy member for 1 year] had a great first week of school. He helped out, was ready to work, and tried his best. He was respectful and open to new ideas. It was a great week"
– Kerry Paschall, Behlau Elementary (San Antonio, Texas), Teacher for 25 years

"Isela [Karate Academy member for 6 months] cleaned her room without us asking her to (finally) and has kept it clean since. Thank you, Karate Academy."
– Jeanatte Huizar, Cristus Santa Rosa (San Antonio, Texas), Registered Nurse for 15 years


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