At the Karate Academy we pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of classes and programs for you to choose from. By diversifying our classes we can accommodate all age groups and abilities to ensure that all our students are getting the attention they deserve.

Karate for ages 4 to 6Knee High Ninjas Class (4-6 years old)
The Knee High Ninjas is a fun-filled and positive learning karate program for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first-graders. Our Knee High Ninjas Program enhances the development of basic good habits such as paying attention, following directions, cooperating with others, respect for self and others, self-control and self-discipline. While children will of course be learning solid Tae Kwon Do basics, they will also be enhancing their motor skills and coordination—plus, more important, they will be learning essential "life skills" such as respect, discipline and confidence.

Karate for ages 7 to 12 Junior and Family Classes (Ages 7-12 | Family Classes)
The Junior and Family Classes combine physical exercise, motor skill development, Tae Kwon Do curriculum, and life skills training. The curriculum is designed to build confidence and character by providing the child with control over his or her body and an ability to stand up to negative peer pressure and other intimidating situations. The awarding of the higher levels of Tae Kwon Do belts gives your child a sense of achievement and accomplishment. The importance of this is that it develops the principle of goal setting.

We work on your child's immediate, short term and long term goals, which your child will be able to apply to other areas in life and carry with him or her into the future. In addition, the junior and family curriculum involves free-style competition (Sport Tae Kwon Do). This helps develop a sense of sportsmanship in a controlled and competitive environment. At the foundation of Tae Kwon Do is its self-defense value. We are very careful to teach children that Tae Kwon Do is not to be used outside the Tae Kwon Do school in any manner other than in true self-defense. The result is a self-confident child, who does not need to bully or show-off to other children.

Karate for ages 13 to 99Adult-Only Classes (Ages 13 +)
Designed for those 13 and older, our Adults Program offers an ideal balance of physical exercise, philosophy, self-defense and Martial Arts curriculum. The classes involve conditioning, toning and stretching, along with fundamental Tae Kwon Do skill development. All adults are taught according to their physcial ability.

After School

After School Program
Welcome to our popular Karate After-School Care program, where you'll see your child doing homework, taking karate, and above all, having fun! Our After-school program is an extension of Karate Academy which provides a safe, structured environment that promotes academic success along with the benefits of our martial arts program such as respect, discipline, and confidence. All students are provided a nutritious snack, monitored homework time, and age-appropriate enrichment activities.

After listening to our parents, we found that most parents were unhappy with their school's onsite after-school program which was over-crowded, run by teenagers, and not trained on how to properly handle and deal with kids. Because of this need we decided to offer a unique alternative by combining the benefits of our martial arts program with the convenience of after-school care. By providing you with this combination, we found that parents were happy while students were learning valuable life skills and martial arts.

Karate After-School Care offers enrichment activities that reinforce academic subjects that are taught during the school day. Creative activities are popular with students, not to mention our fun, exciting, and high energy martial arts classes. In addition to the After-School Care, we offer late martial arts classes so parents who get off work late can still watch their children take classes.

The structure and variety offered at our Karate After-School care will save you time, money and give your child the opportunity to learn the life skills that martial arts offers to help your child with discipline and focus.

Personal Achievement Program

Personal Achievement Camps (Ages 4-18)
Are you looking for something different than your average camps? Here at the Karate Academy we provide the ultimate adventure in camping. Every camp day is exciting, action packed, and geared towards helping each student achieve their personal best. The camps offered at Karate Academy are Summer Camps – Camps for Summer Fun • Winter Camps – During Winter Break • Day Camps – Camps for Holidays during the Week.

Each camp focuses on a weekly personal achievement skill, like perseverance, confidence, and discipline. We provide a snack with indoor and outdoor activities that include Tae-Kwon-Do, field trips to the library, movies, and the zoo during summer camps. Our day camps are for parents that need supervision during the school year for school holidays. The winter camps are during the winter school break. All camps are subject to change. Please ask a success coach at the front desk for more information or pick up a camp brochure.

Self DefenseAdult-Only Self Defense Classes (Ages 16 +)
Our Adult-Only Self-Defense class is a reality based system specifically designed for real world situations. Best of all, no martial arts experience is required. It's a simple practical approach to give you the confidence to be able to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Private LessonsPrivate Lessons (All Ages)
Are you progressing as fast as you'd like? Would you like to accelerate your training? Our nationally certified instructors will provide you with the motivation and knowledge needed in order to achieve your goals. Whether your goals are weight loss, flexibility, tournament readiness, increased strength or power, or you simply want to take your training to the next level, you will see results.

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